The Rising Cost of Football

In 1979 Trevor Francis was the first player to be sold for £1m.

Between 2008 and the end of last season Manchester City ‘s cash outlay was £930m.

Yet even with all that money they spent, I remember watching Manchester City lose 1-0 to Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, even though Manchester City went on to win the English Premier Title.

Football used to be a sport but now it has turned into a huge money business. I do not disagree with what is happening but i think that there should be a limit on what is happening.

But clubs like Swansea City get it right in my book. Buy players for example Neil Taylor, bought from Wrexham for 150, 000 pounds and now attracting some of the big money clubs to make a move for him after his performances with the Great Britain Olympic Squad.

Another is Joe Allen, brought through the youth development in Swansea and now on verge of a £15m deal with Liverpool.

So can money buy you success. If so what will become of all the other football clubs without large financial backing.

Gone are the days when every player on the pitch was paid the same as any other.

In 2009 Manchester United sold Chistiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for a  ทางเข้า ufabet world record £80 million pounds. Maybe Manchester City will buy him as he has a release clause of only one billion pounds.

Last season Chelsea paid £191m in wages alone and a total of 1. 6 billion pounds was spent on the English Premier League wage bill last season.

Here are the top five best paid players in the world and what they made last year.

1. Lionel Messi – £27. 5m

2. David Beckham – £26. 2m

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – £24. 3m

4. Samuel Eto’o – £19. 4m

5. Wayne Rooney – £17. 2m

Should there be a spending limit and should there be some way that benefits lower league clubs?. Should clubs be allowed to be sold to foreign investors?.

I think if it carries on that one day it will be like the supermarkets we have today and the small corner shops we used to have.

Maybe in the future there will be a league that will contain only 10 teams with countless money.

World football globalization, who Knows. But at the end of the day it is all down to the supporters of these clubs to what the future holds.

But I will always support my football club no matter if we have it all or have nothing.

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