The Future of Sash Windows: What Is the Green Deal?

Back in August, a number of fenestration industry bodies began investigating Governmental proposals for a new Green Deal, which it was intended would provide financial support for homeowners and businesses looking to improve their properties’ energy efficiency. Well, whilst energy efficient sash windows (or any type of windows) aren’t at present confirmed as part of the deal, the inclusion of such measures is definitely high up on the government’s agenda. Leading industry bodies such as the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) are campaigning to ensure that property owners can receive loans for their new energy efficient windows under the Green Deal, which would then be repayed via continued savings on energy bills.

Most window specialists are understandably in favour of initiatives which help customers get hold of beautiful and Energy Savings Trust Recommended sash windows. However, there are many more advantages to these proposals of which homeowners should be aware.


– According to research conducted by the GGF, if energy efficient windows (of which some might be sashes) were installed in all properties in the existing housing stock, national emissions would be reduced by a whopping 10%.

– The same study found that these emissions savings would afford national energy expenditure savings of 10% – once more demonstrating the logic of upgrading your windows to efficient models.


Property owners and businesses supporting the inclusion  Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent of energy efficient windows in the Green Deal will be helping to secure additional jobs for the windows industry and the economy at large.

– The Department of Energy and Climate Change has predicted that the deal, set to come into effect in Autumn 2012, could create as many as 250,000 new jobs.

– The GGF predicts that the deal could create 10,000 new jobs in the window installation industry alone, with more new jobs expected in manufacturing and supply chain.

If you’re committed to keeping ahead of industry developments and ensuring you get the best deal, then it’s worth keeping your eye on this upcoming initiative. By creating sash windows which are efficient, yet which emulate traditional styles so closely that they’re almost indistinguishable, some window brands aim to ensure that, if the Green Deal does include windows, property owners won’t have to ruin their premises with unsightly yet efficient replacements.