Online Consultants know the value of creating and inviting easily navigated website, designed to encourage visitor exploration.


  • Visitors to your site are lazy! Make your products and services easy to locate!
  • Information that appears at the top of your site page gets 84% more interest than information that requires scrolling
  • Topics that require action by a visitor encourages longer stays
  • Sales are 54% higher for visitors who explore more than one page on your site
  • Social Media is mandatory to increase interest and generate leads
  • 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile site
  • Blue and dark plum colours for your website motivate visitor investigation

Content, colour, visuals, and ease of use are the top four reasons that consumers cite for giving an online company the opportunity to acquire their business. It’s no wonder that experience and skills are necessary to puncture the virtual ceiling and let your brand become popular.