Our technology specialists are experienced at producing anything from individual bulletins to complete suites of handbooks in techniques, standards, equipment as well as installation for a variety of technological niches. Our clientele includes leading companies in cutting-edge development as well as mechanical and electrical industries.

As a full service company, our proficiency doesn’t end in creating technical materials. We have written quality control plans, training manuals and courses as well as procedural instruction bulletins, including…

Scientific Technical Guides and Manuals
  • Instrumentation in the physical sciences sector

Management Systems
  • Text-based Network Management Software and Applications
  • Graphical User Interface

Wireless Internet Solutions
  • SMS
  • WAP
  • USSD

Telecommunications Equipment
  • PDH
  • ATM
  • DSL
  • DWDM (advanced optical products)

Mobile Equipment
  • 3G
  • GSM