Online Consultants’ technical specialists take the research to the next level. That’s why we’re one of the leading names in our industry.
Our trained and experienced members on staff will help you with…..

Comprehensive Reports
  • Gather and compile independent data
  • Create charts for visible comparative results
  • Analyse the results
  • Generate accurate reports supported by that data and information
  • Submit suggestions and recommendations from the data

  • Amass competitor practices, policies and standards
  • Compare and contrast your policies, practices and standards to direct competition
  • Generate accurate report for your team to review for implementation

Gap and Compliance Analysis
  • Examine existing documentation for missing regulations, compliance modifications and regulatory standards for your industry
  • Create a list of updated standards to meet industry requirements and suggestions
  • Generate gap analysis report and cost-risk analysis to implement modifications

Market Discovery Analysis
  • Investigating potential for new market
  • Collect independent risk assessment for your industry
  • Create a comprehensive analysis report prioritising high and medium risks involved
  • Generate risk-return analysis report

Probability Sampling Reports
  • Create and Perform in-person and telephone polls
  • Collating usability studies and omnibus surveys
  • Generating Results and Analysis Report

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